Eco- Explorers: Gabon (2016)
In 2016, I was part of a team of 11students called Eco- Explorers. From January until April, we worked together learning about the history and culture of Gabon. We also researched and designed sustainable projects that we could bring to Gabon, our biggest project being designing more efficient cookstoves. During the month of May, we traveled to Gabon and participated in a week-long workshop in Lambarene at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital. Village leaders came to participate in information sessions and workshops about sustainability, with a focus on cleaner energy and wildlife conservation/protection. We built two cookstoves, and also presented solar powered lights, beekeeping tactics to produce honey and protect crops from elephants, a water wheel, and electric fences to protect crops. After the workshop, we were invited to villages to build a cookstove and to set up an electric fence. During this trip, I was the student photographer and in charge of our blog to keep everyone in the United States updated and have our trip recorded. 
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